• How do I create new quizzy?

    Step 1: Click on add quizzy.
    Step 2: Choose what type of quizzy you want to create.
    Step 3: Give it a name and some description.
    Step 4: If you opted manual quizzy - Create your question, four options by your preference and opt a correct option. And finally click to next to add next question. If you opted auto quizzy - This is quiet simple. Just opt a choice from our collection of questions and add it to your quizzy list. You can also change the category whenever you want.
    Step 5: Save it and share it.

  • How do i know, how much my friends scored in my Quizzy?

    We will send you a notification each time your friends try to attempt your Quizzy.

  • How Quizzy will be effective for me?

    It will act as a fun element in your daily life.
    It will enhance your knowledge either it is social or intellectual.
    You can also make your loved one's day by sharing an interesting Quizzy.

  • Is my data safe here?

    Yes, of course! Your all data will be private until you give us permission to make it public.
    We always ask you to make it public or private before saving your quizzy.

  • How to clear other query?

    Feel free to contact us at any instant.

    Mail us at: nbots9@gmail.com

    We'll try to answer you in the shortest possible time.